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Ceiling Lamp

The Arigato collection of lighting fixtures consists of table, floor, wall, pendant and ceiling lamps that can be used in many different design applications providing a versatile lighting. Thanks to extensive movability of lampshades and arms all Arigato lamps are capable of projecting light in various directions. Lampshade swivels in all directions and also has central smaller shade to diffuse the light. The arms and shades on Arigato ceiling double lamp can be rotated independently in all directions and oriented differently סוג הנורה: E27 מתח עבודה: 220V-230V עמידות: IP20
שם ספק: לייט אין LIGHT IN
מק״ט: ARIGATO – AR-C2
צבע: לבן, שחור
סוג מנורת פנים: מנורות צמודות תקרה
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